Let's talk about race, baby

Let’s talk about how if there’s a room full of people, and only one of them is black, and that’s the guy I’ve got to point out to you, that I’m supposed to feel weird about saying that: “the black guy.” Granted, the problem there becomes when you assume the norm to be white, and only use that lens through which to talk about non-white people, so then of course, there are solutions to this problem: say, “the white guy,” when the time comes, or, ask yourself, of course, in the first place, “WHY THE HELL is there only one black guy in this room? what the hell is going on here? What kind of room is this? Let's get some diversity up in this b—”

Okay, but I digress from my first and fundamental point that, we are made to feel weird and uncomfortable when pointing out color.

Let me state an example.

Already, me, here, I struggled with that above paragraph, with pointing out race in an imaginary scenario!!  

But here’s the thing: who gets to profit from us not talking about race? Who’s discomfort is actually feeding this all white space that push out people of color, regardless of “intent”?

The discomfort helps only the oppressor because if we keep not talking about it then we can’t acknowledge that holy fuck, why is there only one black guy in the room? And if we don’t acknowledge it then how can we even begin to start to change it?

So let’s talk about race, because to let that discomfort rule and silence us, is to side with the oppressors. We've got to go through the discomfort if we want meaningful change. There’s no way around it.